Course based on intellectual board games «Stock market» Course «Applied Economy» based on intellectual board games «Moncap 1.0.», «Moncap 3.0.», «Capitalist VS. Clown», «Bank».

The purpose of the course: to teach how the stock market works, its basic mechanisms, how stock prices are affected by the supply and demand of players, analyze the main risks that exist in the stock market, and show the opportunities for generating income.

7 players start the game as a salaried employee, the player who increases his income by making the right strategic, tactical decisions while analyzing the market by selling/buying shares wins.

This game-type course is designed for beginner investors, everyone who has an interest in the stock market. Participants will be able to see the main mechanisms of the stock market.

What will you learn from this course?

- How the stock market works

- How supply and demand affect the stock price

- The main risks of obtaining shares on credit

"Margine call and Shorty squizz."

- Make the right strategic investment in the stock market

- Choose which companies to receive securities

- Strategic thinking, etc.

The course consists of 5 lessons. Each lesson lasts about 2-3 hours. 7 players who fully participated in 5 classes are issued a certificate of completion of the course.

Moderator: Adilkhanov Olzhas Ph. D doctor in economics.

If you have any additional questions about the course, please contact the center.

Course «Applied Economy» based on intellectual board games Moncap 1.0. , Moncap 3.0. , Capitalist VS. Clown, Bank.


- Introduction to the economy;

- Inter-State economic relations;

- Investment;

- The ability to economically withstand USA,China, Russia and Europe;

- Understand how USA, China, Russia and Europe conquered third world countries;

- Explains the work of macroeconomics;

- Prepare a business plan;

- Compete in a small/medium/large business;

- Calculate company operating expenses;

- Improve the quality of one's product;

- Research the business market;

- Develop negotiating skills and entrepreneurship;

- Learn the rules of a capitalist;

- Functions of second-tier banks;

- Role of depositors and borrowers in a bank;

- Calculation of capital base of a bank;

- Competition between banks;

- Management of assets and liabilities of a bank;

- Completion of banking report;

- Bonds of a bank;

- Bankruptcy of a bank etc..

The course develops the following qualities:

- Increases economic and financial literacy;

- Develops strategic, logical, critical, analytical thinking;

- Instilling a sense of patriotism;

- Teaches effective negotiation;

- Explains human behavioral psychology.

The course is intended for all citizens from 14 years of age.

After finishing the course, a certificate of course completion is issued.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact the Centre.