Dana Zhol Economics
Applied Economy Center «Dana Zhol economics» increases economic and financial literacy of people on basis of intellectual board games created by the Center.
The style of Dana Zhol
The man standing on the Dana Zhol platform speaks in a firm and unyielding voice.

Dana Zhol's style is neutral, seasoned and immaculately polite.

Nothing personal, no emotions. Real imperial style. This style does not allow familiarity, the slightest familiarity, and even more so - profanity.

The language in which Dana Zhol speaks is simple and understandable for everyone.
On that, Dana Zhol stands and will stand.
Dan Zhol strategy
Dan Zhol strategy is to rely on his own state and his own nation.

We will use the difference in the interests of the world's largest players - the United States, China, Russia and Europe - to protect national interests and achieve our goals.
Dana Zhol results
More than 1,000,000 people know the program «Economic Development of Kazakhstan».

Program «Applied economics» was introduced into the educational process of schools and colleges in the period 2014-2016.

More than 1000 schools and colleges of Kazakhstan participated in the district, city, republican Olympiads of Dana Zhol.

More than 50 universities of our country participated in Dana Zhol university, republican tournaments.